States, Sovereignty and the Case of Cyprus

States, Sovereignty and the Case of Cyprus


In this edition of the “Resources for Democracy” podcast we unpack the concept of sovereignty.

The primary understanding of sovereignty – as considered within the discipline of international relations – is that it is the central organising principle of the Westphalian state system.

However, debates over sovereignty have increased as the nation-state has aged, while there are a number of contemporary issues that place limit on the exercise of sovereignty. The rise of non-state actors is just one of those issues.

In this first part of our podcast we have enlisted the support of three experts to help us present and delve into different perspectives of the concept of sovereignty while on the second we hear how the debate over sovereignty is shaped, in the case of Cyprus, by the discovery of natural resources and the ways in which competing claims to these are articulated.

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Deconstructing Globalisation

Deconstructing Globalisation


Almost everywhere you look you can identify facets of how the world is shrinking: from the global refugee crisis, to anti-poverty and climate change protest movements, and from the rise of global terrorist movements to the interconnections and mass mobilisation of the far Right. Indeed globalisation is a complex animal, stretching into different sectors, fields of life, affecting different kinds of people, not just traders and stock brokers.

In this edition of the Resources for Democracy podcast, we talk to Umut Bozkurt, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Eastern Mediterranean University who walks us through the nuances and complexities of what we broadly term ‘globalisation’.

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