Discussing Civil Society: Theory, background & Practice

Civil Society part 1


In the first edition of the Resources for Democracy podcast we examine the question ‘what is civil society’.

In recent years, civil society, has attained greater respect and an enhanced role in multiple areas of the local and international state of affairs, but if you ask a cross-section of people to define what it is, not one answer will be the same.

Thus in an effort to explore and obtain a clearer understanding of the notion, we tune in to a discussion between three men whose lives and careers have been shaped by their work in civil society.

In the first part of the discussion on civil society, David Officer, Christopher Louise, and Norman Gillespie outlined the background, the role and the principles that underpin civil society.

In the second part, Christopher and Norman outline the differing experiences of civil society involvement in the peacebuilding processes in Cyprus and Northern Ireland; two very different yet tangible examples from which important conclusions can be drawn on the effectiveness of civic participation.

Supplementary Material:

Part 1

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Part 2

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